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Skylink provides progress report

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Skylink provides progress report
The DTH platform Skylink gained an additional 25,000 subscribers to its paid packages in the Czech Republic last year, according to Jaromir Glisnik, member of the board at M7 Group.
In a wide-ranging interview with Parabola, he added that the company achieved its largest sales in five years in the country in 2018, securing 10,000 more customers than in the previous year.
At the same time, the number of Skylink Live TV customers doubled, while Skylink customer churn as a whole fell.
Meanwhile in Slovakia, the 6,000 new sales in 2018 were lower than in the previous two years. However, the addition of 12,000 new paying customers was satisfactory, given the competitive nature of the market.
Significantly, the percentage of Skylink Live TV users in Slovakia was slightly higher in Slovakia than in the Czech Republic last year.
Looking to the future, Glisnik said the company will continue to develop Skylink Live TV in 2019.
He also discussed the potential of sharing capacity on Astra 3B with Telekom Srbija and said Skylink has no plans to move to HEVC boxes.
Furthermore, it will at some stage this year add the first channels to Skylink Live TV that are not available in its satellite offer.